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    • FVA-S Automatic VMM
      FVA-S Automatic VMM

      FVA-S is a high-end optical video measuring machine which integrates imaging, manipulation, process and configuration. The top hardware configuration and powerful software capabilities provide customers with reliable measurement solutions. Machines are widely used in the military enterprises, metrology institutes, scientific research institutes, etc.


    • FVA Automatic VMM
      FVA Automatic VMM

      FVA is a classic and cost effective video measuring machine independently developed by FRD, with stable performance. It adopts 4-axis fully closed loop control and is rich in configuration, multi-functional and easy for operation. Machines are widely used in the precision metal, plastics, mobile phone panels, molds and other industries.


    • FVA-M Automatic VMM
      FVA-M Automatic VMM

      FVA-M is a basic automatic video measuring machine, meeting general measurement requirements. Help customers reduce costs and improve measurement efficiency. Machines are widely used in mobile phone panels, precision metal, magnetic materials and other industries.


    • FVG Automatic Gantry VMM
      FVG Automatic Gantry VMM

      Quiet, fast, accurate and stable, FVG gantry video measuring machine provides satisfactory solutions for large-scale geometric measurement. Machines are widely used for large range measurement in PCB, LCD, sheet metal, aerospace and other industries.


    • FVM Manual VMM
      FVM Manual VMM

      FVM is a manual optical video measuring machine, suitable for small batch inspection, product development and sample trial production. Easy to learn and use, and stable in performance. Z axis has automatic focusing function, which can greatly avoid human error. Machines are widely used in precision metal, plastic, connectors, medical instruments, automobile manufacturing and other industries.


    • Special VMM for Touch Screen
      Special VMM for Touch Screen

      Special video measuring machine for touch screen is made to meet the requirements of touch screen measurement. Polarized light and metallographic lens integration and combination with complex and sophisticated software algorithms make the distance from pixel point to X border and Y border can be measured at one time within the same field of view. The machine meets the requirements of multi task measurements and greatly improves the measurement efficiency.