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    • Laser Guided AGV
      Laser Guided AGV

      Accurately positioned laser reflector is mounted in the area where laser guided AGV walks. AGV shoots laser and collects laser beams reflected by reflectors from different angles, to get the position and orientation of AGV by triangular or trilateration algorithm and guide the AGV by continuous positioning algorithm.


    • Machine Vision Guided AGV
      Machine Vision Guided AGV

      Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) is a mobile robot with an automatic navigation device that can travel along a prescribed path. Guidance and control are two key techniques to realize AGV autonomous movement. By digital signal processing of the pictures of guide line on the ground shot by on-board camera, vision guided AGV can get the distance deviation and angle deviation from the guide line.


    • Magnetic Guided AGV
      Magnetic Guided AGV

      Magnetic guided AGV is based on the magnetic guiding technology. The cooperation of magnetic guiding sensor and magnetic tape realizes the automatic trackless guiding. Being flexible, reliable, economic and good-looking, it is widely applied to transportation of various materials.


    • MES

      Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) are computerized systems used in the work shop execution of manufacturing. MES works in real time to enable the control of multiple elements of the production process (e.g. inputs, personnel, machines and support services). The plant floor can be optimized to improve production output.